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...dream with Open Studio.  Ignite your inner artist!  Call forth your creative expression in temenos (sacred space).  Your only brief is to revel in the exploration of what brings you joy.  It might be with paint, with needles, with a pen, with...?  Away from everyday distractions, immerse yourself in the energy of a creative space, disappear and discover aliveness! 

Open Studio - PhD (Project half Done. ha!)


Open Studio - Group Art Therapy

Space to... honoured Painting Lineage © - your family tree; as a beautiful image not words

...make peace with your mind’s chatter.  Use art not words to access your own innate wisdom with

SoulCollage ®   

Drink deeply at your well of life and explore in ways that words cannot contain.  Learn how a picture does paint a thousand words, thoughts and feelings hitherto indescribable. with feelings and move through them like water in a river, moving without effort, flowing, meandering and the riverbanks containing.  This is Touch Drawing ®

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Tina Christensen
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having fun doing it!

slow living movement


a person related to his/her creative self is a soul enlivened. Anonymous
potential for bliss, for joy, for deep contentment
how much can you bear? 
                        the art of aliveness