What is Art Therapy?

It is not psychiatry (emphasis on medication)

It is not psychology (emphasis on problem behaviour)

It is psychotherapy because it embraces the principles of communication and insight, strengthening social, vocational functioning and personal growth.

Transpersonal Art Therapy?

Transpersonal brings an added dimension.  To ‘transcend the personal’ is to allow for expanded states of awareness.  They are easeful and healthy when you open the door to exploration via creative enquiry.  This is the basis of my art therapy practice.

What it provides for you

  1. diversity of approach

  2. healing without retraumatising

  3. learning/strengthening how to resource within yourself.

  You become the ‘expert’ rather than relying on an

   external one.

  1. JOY! Transform how you see your life circumstances,

   make peace, come alive, connect with your essence

  1. a wellbeing check-in

  2. a time to reflect how the life around you is mirroring

   some part of your inner life; without judgement or

   comment & then effect systemic shifts

Who would go to an art therapist?

  1. children

  2. adolescents

  3. adults

  4. older adults

  5. groups and families seeking art facilitation to deepen


For what?

  1. anxiety

  2. dependancy

  3. depression

  4. family and relationship issues

  5. human potential exploration

  6. post-near death experiences

  7. psycho-social difficulties related to medical conditions

  8. social and emotional difficulties related to dis/ability

  9. spiritual awakening needing context

  10. trauma and loss

What next?

  1. 1-2-1

  2. Group Art Therapy

  3. Labyrinth

  4. NEXT STEPS ©...beyond divorce

How we might work together...

Art Making

it’s all in the process

A non-linear exploration that weaves itself into your everyday experience. Making marks with pastel, paint, writing, clay, poetry, drama, movement, or sound.

Sand Tray

wisdom beyond words

An exquisite process, often non-verbal.  Utilise symbols to discover the missing parts of your story.  A place to move; rest; be curious; discover.


focusing therapy

It’s client centred and I work with the body; nervous system; your capacities and resources to unravel paradox, conflict and overwhelm.  Safe.  Contained.

seen - felt - heard


Tina Christensen
Art as Transformer, Peacemaker, access to Alivenessthepowerofplay.html
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4D Art Therapy



wisdom begins in wonder.  Socrates

finding temenos
raising awareness... 
the art of peacemaking

4D Art Therapy


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