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why I do what I do

3 doorways during my life have gifted me

access to bliss and coming to know my own wisdom. 

The 1st was pain; disassociation with childhood moments lead me to cultivating inner worlds.  Here I could escape that which I was unable to integrate.  Had there not been the need, the doorway might not have appeared. 

The 2nd door was creativity.  I opened to non-consensual experiences, connecting on multiple levels easily with meditation to still the mind and finding an electricity of aliveness coursing through me - drug-free!  It became the focus of my art practice for nearly a decade.  Direct experiences of bliss?  Common.

The 3rd doorway - love, has opened bringing with it states such as deep compassion and gratitude even in the midst of turmoil.

I suspect every human’s potential is love. 

But I’m not unique. 

This is available to all, if you be willing. 

For this reason, my practice has been in evolution.  For these last 3 years I’ve been taking steps - refining my processes and further academic studies so that I might share this path.  I’ve been in hibernation but am about to resurface.

Thank you for taking the time and curiosity to read this far.

2D art maker     - transforming physical space

3D art facilitator - providing creative space

4D art therapist & author - holding mind/heart/soul space


image by Nicole Alley

Ideas worth spreading...Ted.com

Stuart Brown talks about play

and how it’s

keeping adults at any age smarter


To create openings for people to experience

their lives as ‘play’ rather than ‘work’. 

The power of play engages left and right brain functioning.  The benefit to you is access to both rational knowledge and intuitive wisdom creating a lightness of being.  What was work graduates to playful. 

Picture if you will, water, in a flowing river and how it moves without effort.  It simply moves and because of this, banks are carved, new tributaries develop.  It is willing and because of this, the river evolves.

This is the ethos behind the power of play; it asks for an attitude of being willing, not wilful. 

Interestingly, wilful is often a response to passion being absent...it’s needed to get you through (if you still don’t believe me, read Maverick by Ricardo Semler for a very business focused example of these forces in action).  Being willing is a space where passion shows up, organically.

This is not a one person revolution. 

Gandhi stood for something but he did not bring freedom to India as one person.  He ignited the flame of freedom as a possibility in others.  It is as if they had been waiting for the ignition point all their lives.  To ignite the power of play in myself and others is my worldwork.  If you want to read more about how I see this happening...

The power of play is to

be willing, not wilful.