Awakening Your Authentic Self 
Introduction to SoulCollage ®

Discover insights about yourself and a catalyst for positive changes in your everyday life.  

Tapping into your imagination, personal symbols and intuition, you will create a unique body of collaged cards that will help you resolve issues and move forward, unlocking your inner wisdom.

With clarity and humour, observe your defence mechanisms and how they serve/don’t serve you.  Discover what’s holding you back and reclaim choice around this.  

As you reconnect with your inner wisdom it will guide you towards making positive change in your life.   
SoulCollage ® can also help when there is a decision to make and you don’t know which path to choose.

It is a pleasurable way to access your intuition.  Tearing out and gluing images that capture you’re attention.  You cannot make a mistake. Profound.  

Facilitated SoulCollage ® workshops teach...

 about the SoulCollage ® process
 offer an opportunity to experience SoulCollage ® readings
 are a great way to connect with like-minded people in your community & make companions for the road
 include time for making cards in a creative atmosphere
it’s Inner Wisdom Ignition
Who should participate?

If you want to...
 learn how to make better decisions informed by both the logical and intuitive minds
 learn about yourself; what really motivates you
 access innate wisdom to create change in your life
 connect with your creative self and find expression in a versatile and affordable medium

Note    no artistic experience is needed - SoulCollage ® finds the artist within you!

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“I am one who is a beacon”

Tina Christensen
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SoulCollage ®

You’ve GOT to come 
Make the time
It’s worth it

Soul Collage ®

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