st gabriel’s hatton orphanage, sri lanka

Tina Christensen
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“you can discover more about a person

in an hour of play than

in a year of conversation.” Plato

This is me visiting St Gabriel’s orphanage earlier this year and introducing the young ones to games, exchanging songs and art. 

24 girls ages 5-19 years, some victims of the long civil war others abandoned, live and attend school at St. Gabriel's, in Hatton, Sri Lanka.

They are cared for by a nun with great compassion.  Like all children they demonstrate an eagerness to learn.  For example learning in three languages - Hindi, Tamil and English.  They also show incredible aptitude for creative pursuits be it dancing, singing, drawing, needlework.

I got to spend time with the girls as I was travelling with Quintus De Sylva, a patron of the orphanage along with an Australian organisation AuSLMAT.

I was inspired by the creativity with so few resources and invite any one reading this who feels moved to contribute art supplies to contact me - via email and the items will be included in the next parcel of donations which leaves in May and and then again in October.